ClaytonI’m a member and co-founder of Soaring Property Solutions, Inc. We’re a real estate company dedicated to providing unique solutions to current and future home owners. We buy, sell, redevelop, and rent homes in Northern Nevada and central Oregon. Our strength lies is our ability to provide answers to unique challenges faced by home owners who are struggling to sell their home. I bring my love and enthusiasm for real estate to this position and look forward to answering questions, providing solutions to challenges, and striving for relationships that last beyond the closing table.

In addition, I’m attending the University of Nevada, Reno and working towards my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with an entrepreneurial focus. I’m also a proud member of the Nevada Air National Guard, having served in Nevada’s Air Guard for almost seven years as an aerospace maintenance craftsman (crew chief). Before the Air Guard I served for six years of active service in the US Air Force. Integrity, service and excellence are the qualities I developed while serving and bring them with me into my work, community and family.

Google+: www.google.com/+claytonebrown

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/claytonebrown

Twitter: @claytonebrown

Facebook: www.facebook.com/claytonebrown

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