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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my site.  I’m truly excited for this opportunity to share with the world my love and passion for all things real estate.  I’m bringing my knowledge and experience from years of following the industry, attending seminars, completing live courses, completing at-home study courses, and talking/networking with other real estate insiders, industry leaders and investors.  I have spent well over $100,000 to date on my quest to figure out the world of real estate and to learn as much as possible from as many points of view as possible.  That’s how crazy I am about this stuff.

I’m also a proud co-founder of Soaring Property Solutions, Inc., a real estate solutions company in Reno, Nevada that provides help and answers to home buyers and sellers.  We specialize in our ability to purchase homes from people who are stuck in situations that would make most real estate agents turn and run.  When traditional financing can’t be used because of the homes condition, a cloudy title, tenants in place, or anything else that may make “going the traditional” route difficult or impossible, we can help!  If you want to sell a home quickly without hundreds of strangers passing through and judging your home, we can help!

I work with a national network of real estate industry insiders, investors, rehabbers, buyers, sellers, and lenders.  This puts me in a unique situation to provide you with the information, answers and solutions you need.  This site will serve to be my voice online.  It’s my way of passing it forward and sharing with you all that I know and continue to learn.   Let this site serve as your focal point for real estate news, market information, trends and opinions.  I’m excited to share with you and provide content that will help you, entertain you, answer your questions and maybe even save you some time and money.

Please click on the right to follow me and receive updates.  The information posted on this site will be informative and interesting.  Check back in the following days and weeks for updated original content, news, and opinions.  Also please consider emailing me or leaving a comment.  I always appreciate open discussion and look forward to hearing from you.  If there is anything specific you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.  I want this blog to be the go-to blog in Northern Nevada Real Estate!

Do you have a house that you are trying to get rid of?  Are you looking for answers or interested in hearing what Soaring Property Solutions can do to help?  Let me know and I’ll custom tailor a plan that fits in with your unique situation, timeline and desires.  Facing bankruptcy, probate, divorce, or are you relocating?  Call us today, we can help!

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